Hundreds of men and woman join Free The Nipple rally calling for bare breasts to be made more acceptable


Topless protesters descend on Brighton beach in campaign against social media policy

HUNDREDS of men and women staged a protest on one of Britain’s most popular beaches to ‘Free The Nipple’ – by stripping.

Protestors paraded topless around Brighton beach at the weekend to highlight controversial social media policies about banning female nipples.


Despite the event being a success, the group is already planning another march on August 28.

The Sunday afternoon march started from Brighton Pier, and then headed along the East Sussex city seafront before stopping on the beach – where everybody sunbathed topless.

One member who attended the event said: “It was lovely, I felt proud and fantastic.


“There wasn’t any negativity or aggression, all we got was a lot of smiles and a lot of support and cheering.”

The event was organised by comedian Samantha Pressdee, who came to Brighton with her one-woman comedy show about nudity and sexuality.

Samantha said: “I’ve been a member of the Free The Nipple campaign over the past year.


“I joined the campaign to challenge the way women’s breasts were perceived.

“Breasts have been sexualised and the point of this campaign is that they don’t have to sexual.”

Samantha, 33, from Walsall, is known for usually performing her acts topless and did so again in advance of a run at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Samantha spoke highly of the event and that members of the public joined the march by taking off their tops with ‘Free The Nipple’ painted on their body.


She said: “We had a lovely time, loads of pictures were taken.

“We ended up relaxing on the beach, some people decided to go for a swim whilst others brought out their guitars”.

Samantha added: “There’s nothing wrong with kids seeing nudity if it’s not in a sexual context”.

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