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A special Career Guidance and counseling programme held at Government Day Secondary Schools Mairi in Jere local government, Borno State, Nigeria in honour of Dr. Umar Alkali an education philanthropist. The programme was organised to encourage him and his likes in the society to scale up and be consistent in extending such gesture at this trying time. They offer scholarship to hundreds of tertiary institutions students. The central aim of the programme is to assist the young men and women make better decision of their future career, which would in long run address the problem of unemployment in the near future.

Youth Movement is a youth led organisation that came into existence Two (2) years ago. We therefore decide to study the various problems in the society and weighing them with our capability, we decide to go for education sector which composes of Career Guidance and counselling campaign and also imbibing reading culture among students in the State which is our short-term goal. This is to build confidence and give hope once more to the young men and women after the huge damage undergone over the years. This would also assist the target bracket (public secondary schools) to identify their talents, explore the opportunity that are out there and then plan and manage their careers. The dynamic nature of our economy also dictates the number, sector, skills and knowledge that is required, we inform them of the realities of the labour market and advice them to think towards been self dependent and creators of labour rather than seeker of labour and our emphasis is more on business and agriculture, ideally in this programme we target SS 2, 3 and JSS 3 student which we called it “Catch them Young” where we organize the students in a Hall, there introduce to the programme in presence of the various Field professionals after which we call on them to address the students of what the job, requirements and the dynamics of the field in the future and how to cut cost that is an insight of the discipline and the key to success in the field, we are calling on those professional to subscribe with us so that we bring them and the prospective together to have a more realistic and fulfilling society where we have first hand inspiration. After identifying our areas of interest and devising a means of addressing them without wasting a lot of time, we embark on some projects which include the CGC at GRA junior secondary school and hand signed appreciation letters to over 2,000 troops in the war front. During the week we had the opportunity to plan and implement Career Guidance and Counselling Campaign (CGCC) at government Day Secondary School Mairi, in Jere Local government area of Borno State where we reached out to over 150 students, from Bama, Gwoza, Maiduguri and Konduga, Local Government Arears respectively, organized In honour of one of our educational philanthropist Dr Umar Alkali, for giving scholarship to hundreds of student of tertiary institutions. This is to encourage him and a lot of others of his kind to do more and to educate the student about such opportunities.

The programme was fully funded and organized by a group of students from various tertiary institutions in the state. Abba Bukar a graduate of Food science and technology from the university of Maiduguri, who is our project manager and secretary introduced the organization and the programme (career guidance and counseling) and essence of our visit and head on to introduce the guest speakers and organizers which include: Ibrahim Abatcha Umar, Ahmed Umar, Usman Zanna Kaumi Ibrahim, Ajimi Gubiima, Abbas Lukman, Habib Inuwa. Abatcha awaiting student of 400 level university of Maiduguri also who is the President of the organization, talked on the general concept of career, guidance and counseling and also irons out the importance of seeking and working toward opportunities in businesses and agriculture enterprises. Also it is important to advance their studies in other to effectively and efficiently establish, run and expand enterprise as an entrepreneur, and to be able to make the appropriate combination for their aspiring course in the various tertiary institutions and to study hard to meet the minimum requirement for the entry into tertiary institutions. He also advice that they should plan their period of reading which need to be a daily activity and to identify how best they learn things, they should also pay attention and respect their teacher’s and to ask question without fear of rejection when there is a need. In other to do things well and be successful in this hyper competitive world, there is need to adopt the concept of SMART and THINK BIG each if those letters means something special which are necessary to be adopted; which are S for specific M for Measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic and T for Time which goes with goal setting and Then the Think big acrostic T for talent, H for honesty, I for insights N for nice, K for knowledge. B for books, I for in depth and G for God. They are well explained and though when and how to use them. And to be cognizant of taking calculated risk.
In the aspect of engineering the speakers defines the discipline, importance, and the various field within the engineering and the requirements for securing admission into the course. And also advice the students to be serious on key subjects such as mathematics if they really want to be engineers. The institution based commerce teacher is also speaks on the importance of exploring opportunities in business and the scales of businesses.
Ahmed Umar delivered his talk on self-discipline, improving, writing, reading, English speaking abilities and the need to have a mentor. A lot of inspirational stories were narrated and drawn lessons from them which include; the focus of Aliyu Jelani, Dr Ben Carson, Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gate among others.
Then follows a series of competitions and prizes were given to the winners. On a final note the Career Guidance personal (CGP) of the school also put toward the need to talk on his field which is history and he Stated the importance, jobs opportunities and requirements for the field of history in the university.
The principal of the School delivered her closing remark and also talked about her field and commended the programme and stated that they had a number of career guidance programme but there is non like this” and advice the student to adopt the advice they were given and also narrate them to their friends and brothers as this is the only thing they can do to payback. And finally call on the organization to come for the succeeding generation of the school.

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A special Career Guidance and counseling programme held at Government Day Secondary Schools Mairi in Jere local government, Borno State, Nigeria in honour of Dr. Umar Alkali an education philanthropist. The programme was organised to encourage him and his likes in the society to scale up and be consistent in extending such gesture at this


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